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RECAP: Rallies Throughout California in Support of Prop. 15

Town hall headlined by racial justice leaders, press conference exposing elite golf courses, rallies calling on Chevron to pay their fair share, and more actions throughout California

Last week, hundreds of Californians throughout the state rallied in support of Prop. 15 and called out some of the worst offenders that benefit from corporate tax loopholes, such as Chevron’s Richmond refinery that avoids $4.26 million every year and elite golf courses in San Diego which pay 2 cents/sq. ft. while homeowners pay 50 times more.

These events, and the turnout for each, represent the grassroots momentum which has powered this movement throughout the entire campaign – momentum that will only gain steam through Election Day:

Yes on 15 racial justice rally, focused on how Prop. 15 will invest in communities of color, headlined by BLM Co-Founder Alicia Garza, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Assemblymember Rob Bonta, and more:

“It will reclaim, now check this, up to $12 billion every single year for school districts, for counties, for cities, and for special districts such as fire, transit, and water. We have to remember that these are basic essential services that our community needs now more than ever.”

Alliance San Diego exposes elite golf courses for paying only 2 cents/sq. ft. while homeowners pay 50 cents:

“Country clubs, with hundreds of acres of lush green lawns, only pay 2 CENTS per square footage in property taxes meanwhile, homeowners across the street pay 50 TIMES AS MUCH per square foot. YES ON 15 closes the corporate tax loophole that allows exclusive country clubs to get away without paying their fair share! Prop 15 would generate millions in funds that would go toward local schools, community colleges and essential services. Vote YES on PROP 15 to ensure we’re all paying our FAIR share.”

Evolve California’s rally calling out Chevron’s Richmond refinery for underpaying their property taxes by $4.25 million every year:

“Chevron pockets over $100 MILLION every year from corporate tax loopholes. In Richmond alone, that’s $4.25 million in tax breaks stolen from Contra Costa schools & communities. It’s about TIME corporations like Chevron pay their fair share. End corporate tax giveaways that hurt our communities by voting #YESon15!”

United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) rally at Chevron facility in Los Angeles, calling on them to pay their fair share:

“Students, educators and community members are here to deliver a report card to #Chevron. They’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to stop Prop 15, which would fund schools. Californians demand Chevron pay fair share in taxes.”

Future Leaders of America held youth-led rallies in Santa Barbara and Oxnard focused on closing corporate tax loopholes and passing Prop. 15:

"COVID19 has exacerbated economic disparities. Unfortunately, while communities of color suffer through the public health pandemic, corporations keep profiting. It's time to level the playing field by closing commercial tax loopholes and reinvest $570 million in the Central Coast."

Alliance for a Better Community’s Plática Communitaria:

“Our thanks to all who joined our Plática Communitaria last night to discuss how critical it is to vote #Yeson15. A big thank you to our co-host East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice and our speakers NALEO Educational Fund and UTLA for Rising Together with us to put Schools and Communities First!”

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