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POLL RESULTS: 58% of Californians Support the Schools & Communities First Initiative

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Schools & Communities First ballot language registered 58% support right off the bat

After battery of top messages from both sides, the Schools & Communities First initiative garnered 60% support

For the first time ever, the Schools & Communities First ballot language – the actual title and summary of the initiative that Californians will vote on in November – has been polled, with the following result: 58% support and 29% oppose. Until this poll, there had been no testing of how much voters either supported or opposed the Schools & Communities First initiative ballot language.

The poll went on to simulate a robust messaging campaign both for and against Schools & Communities First, testing how voters reacted to batteries of statements about the initiative and top messages both for and against it. After these sets of batteries, the results settled at: 60% support and 27% oppose.

“Voters overwhelmingly support the Schools & Communities First ballot language right off the bat, and the support only increases when they hear more about the initiative. These results are cut and dried, and they provide a new level of insight into the most significant political measure in California this cycle,” said Schools & Communities First Communications Director Alex Stack. “These results reflect what we’ve been hearing throughout the state, and they go to show why this campaign continues to gain momentum every single day. Californians are ready to reclaim $12 billion every year for schools and local communities by closing corporate property tax loopholes, ensuring corporations pay their fair share while protecting all residential property.”

Please refer to this polling memo that further details the results of the poll. This poll surveyed 800 likely November 2020 voters from all backgrounds, and it mirrored the voter registration makeup of California.


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