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NEW TV ADS: Yes on 15 Launches Statewide TV Blitz with Two Powerful Ads in Support of Prop. 15

Schools & Communities First coalition first to hit the airwaves and frame the debate

Today, the Schools & Communities First coalition launched the first TV ads of the campaign, communicating with voters first to frame the debate in support of Prop. 15. The two new ads – Collar and What Matters Most – spotlight the current system of tax loopholes that rewards top corporations at the expense of schools and essential local services.

Both spots make clear that Prop. 15 is about closing corporate property tax loopholes – while protecting homeowners, renters and small businesses – in order to invest in our schools and local communities. Collar puts the spotlight directly on the corporate-backed opposition, emphasizing that the richest 10% of commercial and industrial properties will generate 92% of Prop. 15’s much-needed revenue. What Matters Most focuses on how these corporations exploit loopholes to avoid paying their fair share, at the expense of students and essential local services, while highlighting the fact that small businesses get a tax break.



“We have set the terms of the debate this entire campaign, and that's exactly what we're doing here spotlighting the current system of tax loopholes that rewards top corporations while costing schools and essential local services billions every year, at a time when we can least afford it. By hitting the airwaves first, voters know that this fight is between the homeowners, renters, and small businesses supporting Prop. 15 and the wealthy corporations funding the opposition.” – Alex Stack, Yes on 15 Communications Director.

You can read the Collar transcript below:

What’s making some corporate CEOs hot under the collar?

Prop 15.

With their army of accountants, the big guys think they’re entitled to tax handouts.

Prop 15 closes the loopholes.

The richest 10% provide 92% of the revenue.

While homeowners, renters, and small businesses are protected.

To fund our schools and community colleges, to equip our healthcare workers,

Vote yes on Prop 15.

Relax hotshot, you can afford to pay your fair share like we do.

You can read the What Matters Most transcript below:

My name is Monique Capp.

Corporations hire people like me to take advantage of loopholes so they can avoid taxes.

Prop 15 makes wealthy large corporations pay their fair share, while small businesses get a tax break.

Prop 15 would raise billions of dollars that our communities and schools need.

I know what it means to be an accountant,

And I know what it means to be a mom.

We should be able to use that money for my children, your children, for our children.

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