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NEW PROP. 15 ENDORSEMENTS: Firefighters, NAACP Chapters, Health Care Workers, Chambers, and more!

Diverse coalition backing Prop. 15 continues to expand and gain momentum throughout California


  • “A ‘yes’ vote on Proposition 15 will help provide a new source of funding for fire and emergency services across the state,” said CSFA President Mike Shrout in announcing CSFA’s endorsement. “When Schools & Communities First is fully implemented, research has shown that at least $390 million in new revenue will go directly to fire districts along with the billions that will go to cities and counties that provide fire protection.”

  • “Firefighters are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and responding to a devastating wildfire season that is now the new normal for our state,” said Brian K. Rice, President California Professional Firefighters. “There simply are not enough resources to battle these growing emergencies effectively and firefighters are stretched thin. We can no longer afford corporate tax loopholes that shortchange EMS and fire protection services, that’s why we need Proposition 15.”


  • “The Unified school district and Community Colleges need the $3 to $6 billion dollars raised to reopen schools and address the achievement gap harming underserved students in moderate- and low-income communities.” – Santa Monica-Venice NAACP branch

  • “What our communities need right now are investments, and what we don’t need are tax loopholes that take those investments away from our children so they can have what they need to be successful.” – Riverside NAACP Chapter

  • Pomona Valley NAACP Chapter

Health care

  • “At a time when so many health care workers and other first responders are putting themselves at risk to help get us all through this public health crisis, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California urges the public to support this important measure,” said Jodi Hicks, President/CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. “It’s unfair that a small percentage of California’s largest and wealthiest commercial and industrial property owners have for so long exploited these loopholes, even at the expense of health care providers and the patients they serve.”

  • National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)

Chambers of Commerce

  • “The mission of the Sierra Business Council is to be an engine of prosperity, job creation and economic opportunity, not just for businesses but for communities. Our business is sustainable economic development, and we know that big corporations can more than afford to pay their fair share and contribute to a more equitable society. The Sierra Business Council is proud to endorse Proposition 15.” – Sierra Business Council

  • Kern County Black Chamber of Commerce


  • “United Ways of California supports Proposition 15 as a critical step to level the playing field for new and emerging businesses, and also to enable local governments and schools to better address long-deferred infrastructure needs and fight social, economic, and racial inequities in education and social services.” United Ways of California

Advocacy groups

  • UnidosUS

  • Muslim Democrat Club of Southern California


  • “Californians are facing tough times—wildfires, the COVID-19 pandemic, and skyrocketing unemployment—and we need real investments in our schools and basic services now,” said JB Tengco, Western States Director for the BlueGreen Alliance. “Proposition 15 will shore up the basic resources we need to invest in schools, firefighters and wildfire preparation, and relief now during these difficult times and for years to come. We urge voters to say ‘yes’ to Proposition 15 on or before November 3.”

  • “There’s still so much to do to build a more just, sustainable economy, but we have a chance now to make progress at the ballot box. NRDC and the NRDC Action Fund are recommending you vote YES on … Proposition 15 to help raise an estimated $12 billion annually for cities and counties, K-12 education, and community colleges, and sustainable development.” – Natural Resources Defense Council

  • Environmental Defense Center


  • CalCAN (California Climate & Agriculture Network)

Local Government

  • San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

  • Marin County Board of Supervisors

  • San Diego Community College District

  • San Diego Unified School District

  • City of Long Beach

  • Long Beach Community College District

  • Long Beach Unified School District

  • Santa Barbara Community College District

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