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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Endorses Schools & Communities First

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

In another sign that the initiative to reclaim $12 billion for schools and local communities continues to gain momentum throughout California and attract the support of the state’s most influential leaders, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti just endorsed Schools & Communities First.

Mayor Garcetti knows better than most what the Schools & Communities First initiative represents, and his endorsement echoes what mayors, elected officials, and community leaders throughout the state have been saying all along: California’s schools and local communities need to reclaim the $12 billion per year from corporations exploiting tax loopholes in order to provide world-class education and address communities’ most pressing needs. Mayor Garcetti also emphasized the importance of the initiative’s protections for residents and tax relief for small businesses:

“I am proud to strongly support the Schools & Communities First campaign, which prioritizes our kids and communities over corporate tax loopholes. This historic initiative will generate more than $12 billion every year for public schools and local services to house the homeless, maintain our streets and respond to emergencies while protecting homeowners and renters and providing a critical tax break for small business owners. It's time we had the resources needed to invest in thriving schools, safe neighborhoods and vital local services that benefit all Californians.”

This endorsement follows a series of successful events throughout the state kicking off efforts to collect 1.6 million signatures of support and a spate of endorsements for Schools & Communities First from leading presidential candidates, elected officials throughout the state, some of the most influential organizations in California, community leaders, and more. 

Schools & Communities First Communications Director Alex Stack issued the following statement:

"Mayor Garcetti’s strong endorsement is another huge boost of momentum for the Schools & Communities First campaign to close corporate loopholes and reclaim $12 billion for our schools and local communities. With the mayor of California's largest city behind this initiative, the strength and diversity of our coalition – comprised of teachers, parents, community leaders, organized labor, leading presidential candidates, small business owners, and more – is growing throughout the state. Mayors are on the front line of addressing many of California’s most pressing challenges, and they know that this initiative is a historic step towards investing in our future.”

The Schools & Communities First initiative reclaims $12 billion every year for California’s schools and local communities by closing commercial property tax loopholes benefiting a fraction of corporations and wealthy investors. The initiative benefits residents and small businesses by exempting homeowners and renters from any changes while implementing new tax relief for small businesses.


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