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ICYMI: New Video & Print Ads from Racial Justice Coalition for Prop. 15

“In California, we are our strongest when we care for one another and tackle our biggest problems together

Dolores Huerta, Karen Bass, Maria Elena Durazo, Bill Lann Lee, Chrissie Castro, and April Verrett headline racial justice coalition in support of Prop. 15

Spearheaded by some of California’s most prominent civil rights leaders, a new series of print and digital ads just launched to highlight Prop. 15’s diverse network of support and how communities of color will overwhelmingly benefit from local investments instead of corporate tax loopholes. Under Prop. 15, education funding will be distributed equitably to ensure schools with higher rates of low-income, foster youth, and ESL students receive additional resources while the revenue for local governments can be invested in essential local services, like affordable housing, public health and health care, and clean drinking water.

The new video ads and landing pages can be seen below:

Yes on Prop 15

Si a la 15

Here are the full page print ads voters will see all week:

Prop. 15 is a November ballot measure that will close corporate property tax loopholes to reclaim nearly $12 billion every year for schools and critical local services – all while protecting homeowners and renters, small businesses, and agriculture. Prop. 15 will also cut business personal property taxes for small businesses. An analysis of Prop. 15 showed that only the top 10% of commercial and industrial properties will generate 92% of the revenue.

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