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COUNTY ENDORSEMENTS: Santa Clara, Contra Costa, and Los Angeles County Boards of Supervisors Endorse

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

These counties, representing 13 million Californians, advocate for Prop. 15 as necessary measure in the face of dire economic shortfalls

In recent weeks, a slew of County Boards of Supervisors have endorsed Prop. 15 as a necessary revenue-generating measure in the face of unprecedented economic shortfalls. These counties, which represent roughly 13 million Californians and responsible for administering the critical local services that all Californians rely on, are lining up behind Prop. 15 because we simply can’t afford corporate property tax loopholes at the expense of essential workers, schools, and critical local services. 

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors:

“Current and prospective ongoing deficits compel the Board to support Proposition 15, an initiative to amend the California Constitution to increase funding for public schools, community colleges, and local government services by assessing commercial and industrial property at market value for property tax purposes”

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors:

“Considering the profound impact of the COVID19 pandemic on the County’s fiscal outlook, it is important to pursue additional revenues that could be used to counter the potential disinvestment in education and local services, particularly within vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.”

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors:

“If passed, Proposition 15 would generate billions in new annual revenue for K-12 public schools, community colleges and local governments, according to the Attorney General’s Office summary. The measure would not affect residential properties, and commercial and industrial properties worth less than $3 million also would be excluded.”

"These local leaders know exactly what they need to continue supporting the most at-risk Californians. Corporate property tax loopholes that benefit those at the very top have very real consequences these leaders know that and are taking decisive action to address historic inequities." – Alex Stack, Communications Director for Yes on 15

Prop. 15 would close corporate property tax loopholes to reclaim nearly $12 billion every year for essential workers, schools, and local communities – all while protecting homeowners and renters, small businesses, and agriculture from increased property taxes. An analysis of Prop. 15 showed that only 10% of the biggest, most expensive commercial and industrial properties would generate 92% of the revenue. In addition to PPIC polling showing a 7 point increase in support for the measure between November 2019 and April 2020, polling of the ballot language that voters will see in November showed 58% support from likely California voters.


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