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BENCHMARK: Schools & Communities First Hits Critical 25% Signature Gathering Benchmark Early

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Schools & Communities First collected roughly 250,000 signatures in only one month

In another sign of the campaign’s strength and growing momentum, Schools & Communities First officially hit the 25% signature gathering benchmark earlier than expected — collecting nearly 250,000 signatures in roughly one month. The campaign hit this benchmark on November 20th and was confirmed by the California Secretary of State’s office on November 27th.

Californians throughout the state have been submitting their signatures of support at breakneck speed for the initiative to reclaim $12 billion every year for their schools and local communities by closing corporate property tax loopholes. Hitting this critical benchmark at this early phase of the campaign was achieved due to the strong, diverse coalition backing the initiative and the critical volume of grassroots volunteers on the ground throughout the state. Schools & Communities First will continue engaging Californians and collecting signatures of support to exceed the roughly one million signatures required to gain access to the November ballot for 2020.

“Hitting this critical 25% signature gathering benchmark at such a quick rate is really a testament to the momentum behind Schools & Communities First and the strong, diverse statewide coalition that has been powering this movement,” said Schools & Communities First Communications Director Alex Stack. “The writing is on the wall: Californians are ready to reclaim $12 billion every year for schools and local communities by closing corporate tax loopholes. This development is another big win for Schools & Communities First.” 

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