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The future may be uncertain for our schools, our cities, and our counties. But help is on the way!
Schools & Communities First
Now is the time to close tax loopholes that corporations and wealthy investors abuse to avoid paying their fair share.
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  • Teachers and parents who know children need smaller class sizes.
  • Nurses and doctors on the frontlines of public health.
  • Mayors and county supervisors whose budgets have been devastated.
  • Small business owners who need tax relief.
  • Trump’s biggest California donor.
  • Massive out-of-state railroads.
  • Billionaire developers.
They want special loopholes for them.
Not what’s good for California
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Paid for by Schools and Communities First Sponsored by a Coalition of Social Justice Organizations Representing Families and Students.

Committee major funding from:

California Teachers Association

SEIU California State Council

Chan Zuckerberg Advocacy

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