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While the wealthiest corporations avoid paying their fair share, our schools have the most crowded classrooms in the nation and our local communities are struggling to respond to the impact of COVID.


Endorsed by:

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Vice President Joe Biden


Governor Gavin Newsom

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris

Say yes to Prop 15!

How Prop 15 helps California

Prop 15 is a fair and balanced reform that:

1. Closes property tax loopholes benefiting wealthy corporations.

2. Cuts small business and homeowner taxes.

3. Reclaims billions every year to invest in our schools and local communities.


4. Exempts homeowners, renters, small businesses and agricultural land so they continue to be protected by Prop 13.

5. Prioritizes transparency and accountability by requiring public disclosure of all new revenues and how they are spent.


Just 10% of California’s most expensive nonresidential commercial properties account for 92% of Prop 15’s loophole-closing revenues.  

How Prop 15 Helps CA

Who Are We?

Prop 15 was put on the ballot by a record-breaking 1.7 million people who believe that wealthy corporations need to pay their fair share.


This is who we are:


  • Nurses and doctors on the frontlines protecting our public health. 

  • Teachers and parents who know our children need smaller class sizes.

  • Small business owners who need tax relief.

  • Homeowners and renters tired of paying more while corporations pay less.

  • Mayors and county supervisors managing budgets that have been devastated by COVID.  


Prop 15 is attracting a community of supporters as diverse and large as California itself.

Who Are We

The Opposition

Massive out-of-state corporations, special interests and Trump's biggest donors are all bankrolling the opposition to Prop 15.

These are the same wealthy corporations that avoid reassessment by employing highly paid tax lawyers and accountants to exploit loopholes in the law.

Now they are engaged in deceptive scare tactics to hold onto their loopholes.

We aren't going to let them buy this election, but we need your help.

The Opposition

How Your Community Will Benefit

Prop 15 will reclaim billions every year for our schools, community colleges, and essential local services in EVERY county to invest in things like:


  • Class sizes

  • Health care services

  • Fighting homelessness

  • Firefighters and their equipment

  • Safe drinking water

  • Preparing for future disasters such as wildfire, pandemic or earthquake

Prop 15 ensures strict accountability and transparency, requiring that the public know exactly what the revenue generated by Prop 15 is spent on. To learn more about Prop 15's strict transparency, click here.

How Your Community Will Benefit

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